New Piece: Understanding Plasma, Part 2: Make Plasma Fungible Again

This one is particularly wonky; if that’s not your thing, I promise my next piece won’t involve any prime factorization membership proofs (if it is, enjoy the wonk):

Backlogs (and greetings!)

Hello and welcome!

I promise this will be the only non-new-content providing update; expect a new piece once every few weeks tops, quality over quantity, etc.

The purpose of this is merely to say hello (hello!) and to provide an excuse to link to my backlogs.

Here are my backlogs.

Some highlights:

The Verge Hack, Explained

This piece, about the first mining exploit on Verge, achieved virality (confusingly) after Verge was hacked a second time; this led me to write about the second hack too. Time warps ^2.

Lightning Network 2.0

This is a lengthy and wonky dive into Lightning Network tech, which has received (arguably) positive feedback from LN proponents and detractors alike, which is (arguably) nice.

Money Without MiddleMen

This is a strange linguistic experiment which is probably extremely frustrating to read and which probably has things in it I wouldn't stand by today. But I like it, and always secretly wished it had gotten more views, so here it is. I think there's a mistake or two in it; bonus points to whomever catches them.

Two new pieces in the pipeline; sit tight.


Understanding Plasma, Part 1 (The Block)

New piece on layer 2 technology published at The Block

Part one of a series for The Block. It’s a good’n.

“Plasma’s fast-paced evolution, along with its technical complexity, has made it all but impossible for those not directly involved with the research and development to get a handle on things. Peer in from the outside, and you’ll likely be left with more questions than concrete answers: what capabilities can we realistically expect Plasma chains to have? What obstacles do we still face before seeing Plasma effectively operating in the wild? What are its trade-offs? How does it work?”

We Need Better Terms for Everything in Cryptocurrency (including “Cryptocurrency”)

On the Crypto Lexicon (medium)

“Derived from a variety of sources — computer science, economics, social theory, and the like — we get an olio of appropriations, portmanteaus, and neologisms that comprise the current crypto lexicon.

TLDR: all the terms in it are bad. Let’s do better.”


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